Knowledge Is Power…
And James Bond Knows Math Power.

About Me

I am Bondurant, James Bondurant.
I teach high school & middle school math. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a Master’s in Education.

I work with students by building a relationship and getting to know them, their skill level, and learning style. I then provide a differentiated learning experience based on student’s needs.

After one session, you will see the difference, not just in how I teach, but in how I can relate to your student and build a relationship.

The James Bond Curriculum

Math Tutoring:

Middle School

High School (Algebra 1-2, Geometry, PreCal, Calculus, Trigonometry, Statistics)

ACT Prep Course

Where I Offer Tutoring

In Person: Around the Birmingham, AL area

Online: Anywhere
In online math tutoring, we work together with an audio/video chat and an online whiteboard. You only need a computer (with speakers, webcam, & microphone) and a good internet connection.

Available: Afternoons/Weekends

Am I right for your student? Contact me to learn more about my pedagogy, curriculum, or history. I am proud of my work, and happy to share.

Get In Touch

James Bond Math Tutoring
(205) 451-5049


What Others Are Saying

James is very good at explaining tricky math concepts. I would recommend James to anyone who needs extra help with math or prepping for the ACT/SAT.

Jonathan L.

“We have been using James for the last 7 months and I cannot say enough about how wonderful he is. He has been wonderful with our son in explaining the math concepts in a way that he can understand. We see him once a week and have seen a remarkable improvement in our math grade. If you are looking for a tutor please call him. I will be happy to answer any questions you have about him.”

Tina M.

“James Bondurant is amazing at tutoring my son. He has helped my son so much with understanding 4th grade math. James is is passionate and a sweetheart. He is awesome at tutoring math. I recommend him to any that needs help with math.”

Beth H.

Mr. Bond is a excellent math tutor and help my daughter Juliet alot. She went from a D to A before the school year was up. He breaks the math down to the core. He is very kind and patient. Would recommend him to everyone. Thanks James so much for everything you do. You make people say Math is fun.

Tarsha C.

“I have known James Bond as a friend and tutor for several years. James Bond tutored my on my ACT and helped my pick my score up by several points. In college, I had to retake a math course, and with James Bond’s help, I brought my D to an A! The climb in my ACT score and Math grade was enough to get me into the PTA program at Jeff State! He has tutored several students that want to the same school as I, and I have never heard anything but fantastic reviews. He is a great people person and he has a gift in explaining math in a way that makes sense.”

Robin L.

“James Bond Math Tutoring has been a life saver for my daughters. When my oldest daughter was struggling with her Honors Algebra with Trig class as a sophomore we got in touch with JBMT. Scheduling a session was so easy to do as we were able to schedule immediately. James walked her through her homework and each problem breaking it down so that she could understand each component. It was amazing how all of this took place on skype and truly brought success for her when she applied what she learned to the classroom.

When the pandemic hit, my younger daughter who is in 8th grade algebra was struggling. Again, great flexibility for scheduling and right away James was able to help. James was thorough in his explanation of the problems and the functions of each step so that even I was able to understand.

What I love is that James is so kind and compassionate and patient with his students. He truly cares about helping each student work forward and achieve success in any level of math.”

Caroline C.

“I can not even begin to put into words how wonderful James has been helping my son with his advanced geometry. I have known James for many years. He is the kind of person that is truly invested in helping students learn. He is always so patient and understanding when helping my son. James is able to communicate math concepts and ideas that are easy to understand. We are extremely thankful for James!

I highly recommend James Bond Math Tutoring!”

Heather M.

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