ACT Test Prep Course

ACT Test Prep Course – Turn your scores into Scholarships

The ACT is meant to be unlike any test you take in school, therefore, preparation for the ACT must be different from how you prepare for normal tests.

Whether your weakness is setting goals, study schedule, motivation, accountability, content knowledge, time management, or how to approach each question confidently on the test, we help you every step of the way!

How Does The ACT Prep Course Work

Our course is different for each student. During our first session, we get to know as much about the student as we can. This includes, courses taken in school, grades made during these courses, future goals, study habits, time that can be dedicated to preparing, previous ACT attempts, strengths, weaknesses, and more. Our course is completely personalized for each student from the beginning to the end and we are involved every step of the way. Even more than that, we form a team between the student, parent, and us, where each team member plays an important role in helping prepare the student for the ACT.

What To Look For In An ACT Prep Course/Tutor

The ACT is an intimidating test unlike any other you have taken. When preparing for the ACT, you cannot prepare the same way you always have. Therefore, there is a difference between a content tutor and an ACT test Prep Course because the ACT is much more than knowing content.

In addition, because the ACT is an intimidating test, you need someone that is there to help you prepare and ease your stress every step of the way.

How Involved Is Your Course In The ACT Preparation Process

Our ACT Prep Course is fully involved every step of the way. We are working together every day to prepare, regardless of having a session that day or not. The ACT is not a test you can go to a few tutor sessions for, like anything in life you desire to do well at, it takes practice.

Our role in the preparation process includes everything you can think of. We help set ACT goals based on your future goals in life, motivation, accountability, content, strategies, study schedule, constant communication and working towards the end goal, and more. We even suggest good resting, eating, and drinking habits the week of the test and especially the night before and day of. You will never be alone in the process of preparing for the ACT.

How Long Does The ACT Prep Course Take

Again, each course is different based on each individual student achievement levels, goals, and the desired ACT test date. We can make significant progress in as little as a week. If you are testing in a week, we can help you make the most of that limited time. If you have more than a week to prepare, we can definitely work with that as well. Give us a call and we can talk about how your individual plan could work.

How Many Sessions Do I Need

How you set your review sessions up with me will depend on how much help you need, how much work you can do on your own, and how much time you have to prepare before the ACT test. I recommend at least 1 or 2 sessions a week until the test, but again, it completely depends on the student and his or her needs.

Do You Guarantee Results

As with anything in life, if you want to improve, it takes practice, practice, practice! But the ACT is a unique test, unlike any taken in school, therefore, it takes the right kind of practice and preparation. Even if you only have time for one session before the ACT test, we can make sure you are taking the correct steps to prepare properly and ensure your best chances on the test. It does take an equal commitment from the student, parent, and tutor, but with the entire team working strong together, we can guarantee results.


ACT Tutoring

Individual Lessons: $65 / session

Online Lessons: $55 / session

Group of 2 Lessons: $50 / person / session

Group of 3 Lessons: $40 / person / session

Getting Started

James Bondurant

(205) 451-5049

Call, text, or email today to get started!

With so many testing opportunities, new students are always welcomed. If interested, call today and we can talk about potential plans for preparing for the ACT.

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